April General Meeting Cancelled

Due to the “Stay at Home” orders posted across the DFW area, the DPROA Executive Board has cancelled the upcoming General Membership Meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. on April 8, 2020. 

The Executive Board will conduct its regular meeting at 10 a.m. April 8 via an on-line meeting platform.  Afterwards, DPROA President David Elliston will prepare a President’s Briefing with any new information or status reports on DPROA business to be shared with the membership.  That briefing will be posted in our Members section on this website. The March General Membership Meeting minutes have been posted in the Member section for your review. We will vote on their approval when we meet in May.  

Annual Adjustment/Benefit Lawsuit Enrollment Re-Opens!

DPROA Announcement on Annual Adjustment/Benefit Supplement Enrollment

Since the close of the enrollment period for participating in the DPROA’s Annual Adjustment/Benefit Supplement lawsuit on May 31, 2019, DPROA Board Members continued to hear from first responders wanting to participate. The DPROA does not want to exclude anyone from fighting for their earned benefits.   Therefore, the DPROA Board decided to re-open the enrollment period for a three-month window beginning January 1 and ending March 31, 2020.

Persons who join during this additional enrollment period will be required to pay back monthly dues to June 1, 2019 (seven months), so that the costs will be the same as if they joined on the last day of the initial sign-up.  New enrollees will also have to pay their one-time legal contribution fee of $400.00, sign the new contractual agreement and agree to maintain their membership in DPROA until resolution of the lawsuit. Payment in full (two checks) is required when submitting the signed Contractual Agreement.  A retroactive dues check for seven months PLUS (a) either the January dues (if you are opting to pay your dues by monthly payroll deduction) or (b) full annual dues will constitute one check.  A separate check is required for the $400 litigation contribution fee.  

This keeps all participants equal in terms of how much they had to pay to join this effort.

All legal contribution fees must be paid by check and noted “Legal Contribution Fee.” A separate check must be submitted for past dues. NONE of these fees can be paid online.  Your cancelled checks will be your receipt that you have been enrolled in the lawsuit. 

Since active first responders not in DROP are prohibited from joining the DPROA, they will be allowed to participate in the lawsuit without paying the required membership dues.  They simply submit their signed Contractual Agreement and $400 legal contribution fee.   

Membership forms can be accessed HERE.

AA Contractual Agreement forms can be accessed HERE.

Auto Deduction forms can be accessed HERE.

Return your Membership form & the Contractional Agreement form along with your checks to:


PO BOX 720446

Dallas, Texas 75372

Anyone with questions should feel free to reach out to any board member or email us at

If you are already a part of the AA lawsuit, you do not need to take any further action other than pay your 2020 dues by January 31, 2020. Those dues can be paid online, through monthly payroll deduction or by check. Please remember that you must be a member in good standing to remain in the lawsuit.