1. Pledge of Allegiance 2. Invocation 3. Old Business
  • Motion for approval of December 2019 minutes posted on DPROA website
  • Motion for approval of January 2020 minutes posted on DPROA website
4. New Business
  • Comments from attorney Kirk Pittard re: the opinion of the Texas Supreme Court on the certified questions submitted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • February report from DPROA lobbyist Ratliff Company (Boux) • Report from David about on the social event that he and Boux attended with Gilbert and other DP&FP board members.
  • Update on website improvements by technology consultant
  • Any response from Mike Mata to David Elliston regarding email to be sent out to eligible DPA members
  • Encourage members to spread the word to non-members about the revised Contractual Agreement for Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2020 to allow new applicants to join the Annual Adjustment / Benefit Supplement lawsuit. The form has been available for downloading at the DPROA website since January 1, 2020.
  • Ask members who know of other members who might be good candidates and could be appointed to the Treasurer’s role in March, to suggest that they approach any board member
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Report from Crista
  • New polo shirt and ball cap sales and decals availability
  • Next DPROA meeting on March 11, 2020
5. Adjourn Click to Download PDF copy