The following announcement is from DPROA board member and nominations chair Kenneth Seguin: ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE FOR THE FEBRUARY 2019 DPROA BOARD ELECTIONS Per the DPROA Constitution, the following positions will be open for election on/about February 4, 2019.  The election will take place over a 21-day voting cycle.  The election winner of each position will take office on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at the regularly scheduled monthly General Membership meeting at the DPA Building.  Current status of each office and candidacy as declared by incumbents is shown as follows: PRESIDENT –  (Currently Vacant) SECRETARY  –  Kenneth Seguin has announced he WILL run for office DIRECTOR PLACE 1 –  Patrick Boux Bland has announced he WILL run for office DIRECTOR PLACE 3 –  Jesus “Jess” Lucio has announced he will NOT run for office Note:  Founding President Berkley “Pete” Bailey previously announced to the board his resignation from office effective close of business on October 23, 2018.  He offered to appoint Vice President Dwight Walker to the permanent position of President for the remainder of the unfilled term. Vice President Walker declined the permanent appointment but instead elected to continue serving as the Acting President during the interim period of vacancy until elections are held and the newly elected candidates take office. Any full-active member of the DPROA (as defined in the Constitution) who is in good standing and current on dues payment is eligible for election to any of the four identified offices.  If a single individual files a candidacy form for a board position and is unopposed by another candidate, that person will take office in March 2019 without the need for an election to that office. Candidates for office must complete a Candidate Application form as will be made available on the DPROA website, and submit a photocopy of his/her Honorably Retired ID Card (as may be applicable).  The submission may be made via:
  • Email to [email protected] no later than 11:30 am, December 12, 2018, or
  • Delivery in person to an Election Committee member no later than 11:30 am, December 12, 2018; or
  • US Postal mail postmarked by December 7, 2018.
Additionally, any Full-Active member in good standing can nominate a candidate for any announced position on the Executive Board at the December 12 meeting.  The person being nominated must be a Full-Active member in good standing and be present at the meeting and accept the nomination when presented.  The nominee must also submit a Candidate Application form by the conclusion of the meeting. Candidate Application forms with a copy of ID Card (as applicable) will be posted on the DPROA website on/about December 13, 2018, in advance of the election so that they may be reviewed by the General Membership. The duties of each office are specified in Article VI of the DPROA Constitution, available for review on the DPROA website. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the duties and responsibilities for the office he/she may be seeking.  The Director Place 3 will also take possession of and maintain an inventory of Sales Items (caps and tee-shirts) and have them available at each General Membership meeting.