Wednesday, July 13, 2022 @ 11:03 am

The July 2022 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at Knights of Columbus Hall, 10110 Shoreview Drive, Dallas, TX 75238.

Present:           President David Elliston

                        Vice President Sally Lannom

                        Secretary Ken Seguin

                        Director Boux Bland

                        Director Crista Walker

                        DFR Advisor Larry Williams

Absent:            Treasurer David Potts

                        Director Joe Richtsmeier

                        Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier


  1. President Elliston called the meeting to order at 11:04 am.
  2. President Elliston led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. President Elliston announced the names of the 11 police and firefighters who had passed away during the month of June 2022 according to the DPFPS website.
  • Police
    • Robert Browning, Charles Grady, Ricardo Terrones, Robert Brashear, Tommy Akins, Ronnie Brigance
  • Fire
    • Ronald Barree, John Boaz, William Woody, Lewis Foster, Jimmie Hendrix
  1. Former Vice President Dwight Walker delivered the invocation.
  2. The minutes from the June 2022 meeting had been previously posted on the DPROA website.  A motion was made by member Robert Gutkowski to accept the minutes as posted; seconded by member Frank Ruspoli. Motion carried by acclamation with none opposed.
  3. President Elliston advised that regarding the Annual Adjustment lawsuit, attorney George Vie filed an appeal on July 11 re: the decision of the 192nd District Court, while the issue of DPFPS attorney fees is under review.  According to Mr Vie, DPFPS has until July 13 to file an appeal of the 192nd District Court’s ruling on award of attorney fees.
  4. President Elliston still has not received a response to his Open Records request re: the release of mayoral committee recommendations for solvency of the pension fund.  The Texas Attorney General’s Office has 45 working days to make the determination.
  5. President Elliston and Secretary Seguin shared the results of the election of the three nominees as trustees to the Dallas Police & Fire Pension board.  Results with 777 votes cast:
  • Nancy Rocha approve 646    disapprove 131
  • Anthony Scavuzzo approve 577    disapprove 200
  • Marcus Smith approve 551    disapprove 226
  • Of both active and retired police and firefighters, only 203 of 5,058 active eligibles voted (4.01%) while 574 of 3,917 retired eligibles voted (14.65%).
  1. President Elliston reported a verdict was returned by the jury on July 11, 2022 in the $1.2 billion lawsuit DPFPS filed against Townsend LLC.  DPFPS alleged that Townsend had not properly fulfilled its role as an investment consultant.  The verdict was in favor of Townsend and it was ruled that DPFPS was 75% responsible for the investments.  DPFPS attorney Greg Taylor intends to appeal.
  2. President Elliston and Director Walker stated that the audit of DPROA membership records has been completed by Shawn and Michelle Weisfeld.  They were paid $1,000 for their work.  They will complete another audit in 2023 upon request.  There are 794 members who are active on the website while 277 are classified as inactive.  Members with questions about website access should be referred to Director Walker to determine status of dues payment.  If a member is current on dues but cannot access the website, he/she should contact Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier via email.
  3. President Elliston reminded attendees that the annual retirees luncheon would be held at the Doubletree Hotel near Love Field on August 6, 2022 (11:00 am) and that payment is due to organizer Hans Bryson by July 25.  Cost is $30 per person.
  4. President Elliston displayed a gift box to be given as a door prize at the upcoming Dallas Police Retirees luncheon on August 6.  The door prize would consist of DPROA polo shirt, ball cap, window decal and letter from him.  President Elliston will bring polo shirts and ball caps from existing stock to the luncheon for any attendees who may want to make a donation for the items.  Secretary Seguin has coordinated with organizer Hans Bryson who agreed DPROA could set up a table.
  5. Member Jim Barclay was given a complimentary DPROA tee-shirt for attending.
  6. The next board meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2022 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.
  7. There was some general discussion about retirees turning 72 and taking Required Minimum Distributions from tax-deferred savings accounts such as 401k and 457 plans.  The account holder should initiate contact with the financial institution in the year he/she turns 72.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am.


Kenneth E. Seguin