Wednesday, June 8, 2022 @ 11:00 am

The June 2022 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at the A.C. Garrett Masonic Lodge, 7119 E. Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX 75223

Present:           President David Elliston

Vice President Sally Lannom

Secretary Ken Seguin

Treasurer David Potts

Director Boux Bland

DFR Advisor Larry Williams

Absent:            Director Joe Richtsmeier

Director Crista Walker

Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier



  1. President Elliston called the meeting to order at 11:04 am.
  2. President Elliston led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. President Elliston announced the names of the 6 police and firefighters who had passed away during the month of May 2022 according to the DPFPS website.
  • Police
    • Clarence Jennings, Michael Kidd, John Reeves
  • Fire
    • L. Greene, Douglas May, G.L. Waddleton
  1. President Elliston delivered the invocation.
  2. The minutes from the May 2022 meeting had been previously posted on the DPROA website.  A motion was made by member Tom Moore to accept the minutes as posted; seconded by member Frank Ruspoli.  Motion carried by acclamation with none opposed.
  3. President Elliston advised that attorney George Vie had forwarded the court order from the 192nd District Court signed by a visiting judge, relative to award of attorney fees.  The order specifies:
  • An award of $70,200 to DPFPS for the proceedings concluding at the 192nd District Court.
  • In the event of an appeal to the Court of Appeals in which a ruling favors DPFPS, an additional amount of $60,000
  • In the event of an appeal in three steps to the Texas Supreme Court in which a ruling favors DPFPS, an additional amount of $120,000

Mr Vie does not intend to file a request for details justifying the decision by Judge Kristina Williams as to how she reached her determination that was adverse to DPROA.  He will file a Notice of Appeal within 30 days which will result in a hearing and review by a panel of three judges at the appellate level.  It will likely go to the Dallas Court of Appeals.  Mr Vie will attempt to negotiate a deal with opposing attorneys without a formal hearing to defer payment of the $70,200 until all judicial appeals are completed.  It may require the posting of a security bond.

  1. It was noted that Dallas Police Officer Fred Frazier had won the Republican primary election for the new Collin County Texas District 62 seat in Austin.  His name will be on the November ballot running against the Democratic nominee.
  2. President Elliston reported that at the May 20, 2022 Nominations Committee meeting, the three persons selected for the slate of Non-Member Trustees candidates were: Nancy Rocha, Anthony Scavuzzo, and Marcus Smith.  The alternate was Darrell Gage.  These were from the total of six candidates who were considered by the committee composed of ten employee associations.  Leaving the board are Gilbert Garcia, Robert French, and Tina Hernandez Patterson.  In the upcoming election for trustees, retirees will be able to vote on the three nominees.
  3. President Elliston stated that with regard to the DPROA website and an audit of the membership records, Crista Walker, Shawn Weisfeld and his wife are currently working together to accomplish it.  Once it is done, another audit would not be done for two years.
  4. President Elliston expects that a response will be received by June 9 as to whether the city has received an opinion from the Texas Attorney General’s office about the Open Records release of the recommendations by the special committee to Mayor Johnson.
  5. President Elliston said that he had listened to the 6-minute oral report of trustee Bill Quinn who had been appointed to head up the 6-person committee in the 4th Quarter of 2020 to make recommendations to the mayor on how to increase the financial stability of the pension fund.  Mr Quinn reported that they had worked with city staff and had made 5-7 recommendations to Mayor Johnson and City Manager T.C. Broadnax as to how the city can put more money into the pension fund.  Mayoral-led discussion is expected in September-November 2022.   President Elliston encouraged attendees to listen to the recordings of the trustees meeting on the DPFPS website.
  6. President Elliston reported that the following eight retired police officers and firefighters had spoken for at least two minutes each when addressing the trustees at the May 12 open board meeting of the pension fund:  David Elliston, Sally Lannom, Dwight Walker, Julian Bernal, Dale Erves, Aaron Anderson, Glenn Stone, and Lester Mount.
  7. President Elliston advised that the monthly Treasurer’s Report was available for review by members and was in possession of Treasurer Potts.
  8. President Elliston reminded attendees that the annual retirees luncheon would be held at the Doubletree Hotel near Love Field on August 6, 2022 (11:00 am) and that payment is due to coordinator Hans Bryson by July 25.  Cost is $30 per person.
  9. President Elliston stated that Director Richtsmeier will be taking over the responsibility for the ball caps, t-shirts, and polo shirts inventory.
  10. President Elliston stated that he had visited the Knights of Columbus Hall at 10110 Shoreview Drive, Dallas, TX, as the prospective new meeting hall and recommended it as a site for DPROA meetings.  The board unanimously approved the recommendation.
  11. The next board meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2022 at the new meeting hall.
  12. At the conclusion of the meeting, complimentary DPROA t-shirts were given to those attendees who desired one.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:42 am.


Kenneth E. Seguin