Wednesday, January 12, 2022 @ 11:00 am

The January 2022 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at the A.C. Garrett Masonic Lodge, 7119 E. Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX 75223

Present:           President David Elliston

Secretary Ken Seguin

Treasurer-elect David Potts

Director Boux Bland

Director Joe Richtsmeier

Director Dale Erves (by phone)

Absent:            Vice President Sally Lannom

Treasurer Crista Walker

Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier

DFR Advisor Larry Williams

  1. President Elliston called the meeting to order at 11:00 am.
  2. President Elliston led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. President Elliston announced the names of the 11 police and firefighters who had passed away in late November and in December according to the DPFPS website.
  • Police
    • William Buchanan, Charles Bailey, Manuel Guevara, Jimmy Page, Anthony Gipson, George Mabry, Elmer Gilbert, R. Scotty Holt
  • Fire
    • Patricia Cantrell, Donovan Plummer, Aaron Dean
  1. President Elliston delivered the invocation.
  2. President Elliston advised that due to issues with accessing the DPROA website, the November minutes had not been approved by the members last month.  He stated he would accept separate motions for approving the November and December minutes.
  • Member Robert Gutkowski made a motion to approve the November 2021 minutes; seconded by member Frank Ruspoli; passed by acclimation.
  • Member Robert Gutkowski made a motion to approve the December 2021 minutes; seconded by member Larry Eddington; passed by acclimation.
  1. President Elliston introduced Treasurer-elect David Potts to the membership and said that Treasurer Walker would be training him in his new role.
  2. President Elliston reported that he is still working the SSL certificate issue and would be contacting past President Pete Bailey.
  3. Dues checks written today for 2022 by members would be accepted by Treasurer-elect Potts during and after the meeting.  President Elliston mentioned that registered letters would be going out to members who are still delinquent in paying their 2021 dues.
  4. President Elliston advised past Vice President Dwight Walker’s had previously suggested that an endorsement for Texas Attorney General candidate Eva Guzman be considered.  Secretary Seguin had stated in the E-Board meeting that since he is Facebook friends with former TSC Justice Guzman and follows her posts that he would be willing to extend an invitation to her to appear in February for both meetings on February 9, 2022.  The board approved the request unanimously.
  5. President Elliston advised that Senior Corporal Frederick Frazier appeared before the board to seek the endorsement of the DPROA for his candidacy to the newly-created Texas legislative seat for District 61, largely centered in Collin County.  He stated that he is an active Dallas Police Officer with 26.5 years of service.  He said he has two opponents in the election: Jim Herblin of Celina, TX, and Paul Chabot, a Navy veteran who moved to Texas from California.  Sr Cpl Frazier stated that if elected, his two priority items would be legislation regarding TCOLE and amending HB3158.  He feels the only means to fix the Dallas Police & Fire Pension is through the passage of Pension Obligation Bonds.
  • President Elliston then took a straw poll to determine the feelings of the membership in attendance. 23 attendees supported an endorsement; 4 attendees opposed the endorsement; a number of attendees did not cast a vote.
  1. President Elliston noted that State Representative Yvonne Davis who had been helpful to Dallas Police in the last legislative session had not approached the DPROA for an endorsement in her next campaign even though President Elliston had written her and thanked her for her support.
  2. President Elliston reported that according to Treasurer Walker, the current total fund amount to $891,952.26.
  3. President Elliston introduced retired San Diego County Deputy Sheriff Matt Clay who is currently the Vice President of Thin Blue Line Benefits Association.  Mr Clay then gave an approximate 30-minute briefing on health plans for First Responders (active and retired) who are either under-65 or 65+ years of age.
  4. President Elliston reminded the membership that the next meeting would be on February 9, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:17 pm.


Kenneth E. Seguin