April 4, 2019 @ 11:02 am

The April 2019 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at the Dallas Police Association, 1412 Griffin Street East, Dallas, TX 75215.


  • President David Elliston
  • Vice President Dwight Walker
  • Secretary Ken Seguin
  • Treasurer Crista Walker
  • Director Boux Bland
  • Director Louis Felini
  • Director Dale Erves
  • DFR Advisor Larry Williams


  • Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier


  1. President David Elliston called the meeting to order and led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Director Dale Erves delivered the invocation.
  3. The minutes from the March 2019 meeting had been previously posted on the DPROA website. A motion was made by member Jim Freeman to accept the minutes as posted; seconded by member Lucy Barnett. Motion carried by acclamation with none opposed.
  4. President Elliston advised the membership that the Texas Supreme Court had accepted from the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans two questions for certification related to the Degan case. This will extend the time for a coming decision from the 5th Circuit.
  5. President Elliston administered the renewal of oath of office to Director Boux Bland.
  6. President Elliston and Vice President Dwight Walker discussed with the membership the recent interview luncheon the Board of Directors hosted on April 2 for five of the mayoral candidates (Mike Ablon, Albert Black, Scott Griggs, Regina Montoya, Jason Villalba). The board, as a whole, felt that Mr Griggs was the strongest candidate and his views reflected a sincere interest in active and retired officers, particularly with regard to (a) the issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds or using other means to restore the pension system to a healthy state, and (b) a willingness to review HB3158 for possible legislative amendment. [The letter of endorsement with several points can be found on the DPROA website under “Mayoral Candidate Q&A.”] A vote was then taken of the Full/Police members who were present to gauge support of the Board’s position to support Mr Griggs. Those Full/Police members voting approved the decision 33-0.
  7. President Elliston advised that he had spoken with lobbyist Randy Elliston who reported that SB 27 which would prohibit the state from spending money to rescue endangered municipal pensions has passed through Committee to the full Senate for a vote. Two of the nine committee members opposed passing the bill to the full Senate.
  8. Vice President Walker reported that he had received a copy of the letter sent to retired firefighter Jim Crump by the Texas Pension Review Board (PRB). The response from the PRB was that Mr Crump should take up his issues with the Dallas Police and Fire System trustees. Copy to be forwarded to attorney David Feldman.
  9. Vice President Walker stated that the DPROA Board was considering moving monthly meetings to another venue in the future at an unspecified date, and paying a small monthly rental fee for the use of another facility. He asked for any input from the membership but there was none and no objections were raised.
  10. Director Erves stated that he had DPROA caps and tee-shirts available for sale.
  11. The May meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 8 at the DPA and confirmation of the date and location will be posted on the DPROA website.
  12. The annual Dallas Police Retirees lunch will be held Saturday, April 6, at the Doubletree Hotel near Love Field. Tickets will still be available at the door.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:31 am. //s// Kenneth E. Seguin Secretary


Click to download : MINUTES OF GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Wednesday, April 4, 2019 @ 11:02am