May 9, 2019 @ 11:02 am The May 2019 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at the Dallas Police Association, 1412 Griffin Street East, Dallas, TX 75215.


  • President David Elliston
  • Secretary Ken Seguin
  • Treasurer Crista Walker
  • Director Louis Felini
  • Director Dale Erves
  • DFR Advisor Larry Williams
  • Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier


  • Vice President Dwight Walker
  • Director Boux Bland


  1. President David Elliston called the meeting to order and led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Director Dale Erves delivered the invocation.
  3. The minutes from the April 2019 meeting had been previously posted on the DPROA website. A motion was made by member Sally Lannom to accept the minutes as posted; seconded by member Linda Kindt. Motion carried by acclamation with none opposed.
  4. President Elliston advised that the positions of all three DPFP board members are up for election and include current office holders Blaine Dickens, Gilbert Garza, and Tina Patterson. Every police and fire retiree gets to vote on these positions, and election voting begins on July 17, 2019.
  5. President Elliston stated that he had mailed a letter to the Director of the Internal Revenue Service regarding the involuntary annuitization of DROP funds.
  6. President Elliston noted that the May 4 city council elections had been conducted and that Eric Johnson and Scott Griggs were the top two candidates with approximately 20% and 18% respectively. There will be a run-off election on June 8.
  7. President Elliston stated that the Feldman Law Firm had filed a request to the Texas Supreme Court about correcting footnote errors in their opinion in the Eddington case. The DPFP attorneys had responded saying that no corrections were needed. Decision pending.
  8. President Elliston reported that State Senator Joan Huffman had pulled from the intent calendar SJR 27 which would prohibit the state from spending money to rescue endangered municipal pensions. Senator Bettencourt’s bill to require voter approval for Pension Obligation Bonds greater than $50 million has not yet been set for floor consideration. A copy of the monthly Ratliff Company letter will be posted to the DPROA website.
  9. President Elliston said that with the help of DPFP Trustee Gilbert Garza, and the retired Hispanic Firefighters Association and the retired Black Firefighters Association, the Pension Office mailed out a letter recently to all police and fire retirees providing them information on how to contact various retiree associations.
  10. Treasurer Walker reported that contributors for the Annual Adjustment lawsuit now numbered 540 and $216,020 had been collected. There was an increase of 106 new participants since the April board meeting when the last report was given.
  11. Director Erves advised the membership that he had the tan/gray DPROA ball cap available for sale.
  12. President Elliston took a straw vote of the membership to determine if there was interest in the board establishing contact with a company to manufacture DPROA logo polo shirts, and how many would be interested in purchasing a shirt. A show of hands indicated a good number of members present were interested in such a purchase.
  13. President Elliston stated that the next General Membership meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at the DPA facility.
  14. It was noted by member Philip Braun that anyone who wanted to join candidate Griggs on campaign ‘walks in the neighborhood’ could check Facebook for dates and times.
  15. It was noted that the DPA had not yet endorsed any mayoral candidate.
  16. Director Erves recommended that anyone who had not seen the Dallas Observer article posted on Facebook regarding the influence of the Dallas Citizens Council on elections should read the article.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:31 am. //s// Kenneth E. Seguin Secretary


Click to download : MINUTES OF GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Wednesday, May 9, 2019 @ 11:02am