Wednesday, March 11, 2020 @ 11:05 am

The March 2020 General Membership meeting of the Dallas Police Retired Officers Association took place at the Dallas Police Association, 1412 Griffin Street East, Dallas, TX 75215.


President David Elliston
Vice President Dwight Walker
Secretary Kenneth Seguin
Treasurer Crista Walker
Director Boux Bland
Vice President Elect Sally Lannom
Director Elect Joe Richtsmeier
Communications Director Carol Richtsmeier


Director Louis Felini
Director Dale Erves
DFR Advisor Larry Williams


  1. President Elliston called the meeting to order and led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Vice President Walker delivered the invocation.
  3. The minutes from the February 2020 meeting had been previously posted on the DPROA website. A motion was made by member Robert Gutkowski to accept the minutes as posted; seconded by member Frank Ruspoli. Motion carried by acclamation with none opposed.
  4. President Elliston advised that he had signed a letter appointing Treasurer Walker to continue in her role as treasurer until a suitable volunteer can be found to replace her.
  5. President Elliston administered the oath of office to Sally Lannom as the new Vice President and to Joe Richtsmeier as the new Director, Place 2.
  6. President Elliston presented a restaurant gift card from the board members to outgoing Vice President Walker and thanked him for his service to the DPROA since its establishment in December 2016.
  7. President Elliston advised attorney George Vie had filed a brief to the Texas Supreme Court on February 24 pertinent to the stay order that had been issued on the Pension Review Board case. The Attorney General’s Office then filed a response on March 10. Mr Vie was going to forward both documents electronically to President Elliston and they would then be posted on the DPROA website.
  8. Director Bland stated that the monthly lobbyist report from the Ratliff Company reported that the legislature is not yet in session but Representative Dan Flynn is in a run-off with candidate Bryan Slaton for District 2. Flynn continues to market himself as the person who saved the Dallas Police & Fire Pension.
  9. President Elliston said there were no new developments to report on the Degan case.
  10. President Elliston and Comm Director Richtsmeier advised that the DPROA website is still being upgraded for technology reasons by Bluebird Creative Company.
  11. President Elliston stated that thanks to the generosity of Comm Director Richtsmeier, announcement of the Annual Adjustment / Benefit Supplement lawsuit had been published in the January/February issue of The Shield magazine.
  12. The monthly Treasurer’s Report by Treasurer Walker reported that:
    • $542,131.01 total in both the checking and money market accounts.
    • 1,039 persons have joined the Annual Adjustment/Benefit Supplement lawsuit.
    • There is still $146,053.61 reserved for Feldman fees.
  13. President Elliston reminded the membership that the board is still looking for a volunteer to replace Treasurer Crista Walker who has been appointed to remain on the board until a suitable replacement can be found. The DPROA owes a small amount of sales tax money but two required forms are being mailed to the Texas Comptroller’s Office in the next few days.
  14. In response to a recent Facebook post that DROP accounts would be the first to go in 2024 if the pension is not financially stable, Secretary Seguin noted that both the initial ruling by federal District Judge David Godwin and the more recent opinion by the Texas Supreme Court in the Texas Pension Review Board case affirmed that DROP money belonged to pensioners.
  15. President Elliston announced that the annual Kevin James Clayshoot was approaching on April 10 and that there would be a drawing for an All-Terrain Vehicle.
  16. The next General Membership meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2020 at the DPA (pending further developments of the Corona Virus). Membership will be apprised if the meeting will be held. The following month’s meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2020.

    The meeting was adjourned at 11:29 pm.

    Kenneth E. Seguin




Following the General Membership meeting, Executive Board members Elliston, Lannom, Seguin, Walker, and Bland met with insurance agent Dennis Wigant regarding annual renewal of the D&O insurance policy