Please read the following message from DPROA President James David Elliston. There are two links in his message. Click here for the PDF attachment of a presentations given to Councilmember Mendelsohn’s Committee. This message along with the links will also be emailed.
For those able to attend today’s DPROA meeting thank you. Your presence made an impression on Councilmember Mendelsohn.  While she does not have answers yet she is at least trying to find them.  For anyone interested in seeing the two presentations made to her committee over the last two months I am attaching links which will take you directly to the video.
Dallas Police & Fire Pension System can be seen at  You need to fast forward to 23:25. Also attached is the powerpoint presentation used by Executive Director Kelly Gottschalk.
The Employee Retirement Fund can be found at  Fast forward to 39:48.
It is my hope that during this round of searching for solutions to fix our pension, we the members can play a more involved role.
David Elliston
Dallas Police Retired Officers Association