Our Executive Board met via Zoom over the course of two days June 10th and 11th.   Some may be asking why we spread the meeting over two days.  The Zoom platform allows users 40 minutes free before they start charging for the service.  When we realized we could not finish on time, we stopped the meeting and resumed the following day in order to save your money.  Now for the news of the month:

Our attorney in the Degan suit filed a request to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans to delay the issuance of a mandate in order to pursue a petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the US Supreme Court.  That request was granted and he is now working on our appeal.

On the Annual Adjustment law suit, the Solicitor General representing the Texas Pension Review Board has until June 18th to file his opening brief with the Texas Supreme Court.  This due date has been delayed twice at the request of the State, and in the last order, the court stated there would be no further delays granted.

The PayPal Link has been removed from our website as we are ending our relationship with PayPal.  All PayPal users have been notified to stop using this service.

I would like to remind everyone that there will be a run-off election on July 14 between incumbent Representative Dan Flynn and challenger Bryan Slaton for State Representative District 2.  The DPROA has endorsed Bryan Slayton in this race and we encourage all residents of District 2 to vote for Bryan Slayton.

Our next General Membership meeting will be July the 8th, provided we do not have to cancel again.  I hope everyone is well and avoiding the virus.  Take care and be safe.

–David Elliston