November 2,2020

DPROA Membership:

I am writing today to inform you of recent action taken by your DPROA Board. Several months ago, we were approached by members who presented us with information regarding areas they believed we should explore for the purpose of taking additional legal action. We were told that five different attorneys had already been consulted and none were interested in pursuing this action. After reviewing this information, the board decided to survey our membership to determine how many DPROA members could possibly benefit from this action. An email inquiring about lump sum distribution requests submitted around the end of 2016, was sent to all members. We followed up with each member reporting making such a request. We asked if they were interested in being a plaintiff in new litigation and if they were willing to help provide funding. Those answering in the affirmative were asked to provide documentation supporting their claims. ln the final analysis, twenty-two DPROA members were identified as possible beneficiaries.

We asked our attorneys to assist us in determining how to structure this lawsuit, and secondly, how could we pay for it. After considering all possibilities and given the small number of possible plaintiffs, the only way to move forward would have been for the association to fund this litigation as a class action. On November 2,2O2O, the DPROA Board voted unanimously not to pursue this litigation. I think it is important to note that two of your board members were on that list of possible plaintiffs, and they concurred with this action. Litigating through the courts is very expensive, and we all believe our legal battles are not over. The day will come when once again we will have to fight for our benefits, and when that day comes, we will need a healthy war chest. Your board is fully committed to protecting and seeking restoration of all our retiree benefits, but our resources are not unlimited. We are still in the fight, and with your continued support, we will remain so.

David Elliston
Dallas Police Retired Officers Association