During the holidays, it’s easy to forget.


…Especially when the politicians and their cronies are busy patting each other on the back for “solving” the pension crisis, or when the news media paints Mayor Mike as savior of the troubled pension fund even nominating him for Texan of the Year.


It made many of us wonder why the people who faithfully served the citizens of Dallas fighting crime, living in peril, and responding to medical emergencies, fire, danger and natural disasters weren’t considered the real Texans of the Year, And, yet, the man who has such a disdain for first responders is. Texan of the Year? Try the Grinch instead.


It’s enough to make Frosty melt, the Elves strike and Santa skip Christmas.


Do not be lulled into complacency by their lies that all is well and all is fixed.


We remain at Elcon and Defcon 1, forced now to fight our fight in the courts to regain our confiscated money and reinstate our benefits.  The state constitution is clear: the city and pension system are “jointly responsible for ensuring that benefits under this section are not reduced or otherwise impaired.” (Read Article 16, Section 66 (f) here.)


I don’t know about you, but stealing our money and stopping our annual adjustment (COLA) surely impairs and reduces our benefits violating the state constitution.


We just ask one thing this holiday season: Don’t forget our fight!  Donate to our legal fund at DPROA, PO Box 720446, Dallas, TX 75372.