Hello DPROA members:

We are just 16 days away from the deadline for submitting your contractual agreement form and $400.00 legal contribution to join the DPROA’s effort to seek restoration of your benefits termed “Annual Adjustment” and “Benefit Supplement” by the DP&FPS. I know a lot of you have already mailed your packets and others will in the coming days. PLEASE MAIL THEM SOON. Due to the volume of mail coming in and our overwhelmed VOLUNTEER staff we cannot email everyone a receipt. You should first check to see if your check has cleared the bank. If your check has cleared the bank you are good to go. If it has been two weeks since you mailed your check and it still has not cleared, you can email me ([email protected]) if you are police, or Larry Williams ([email protected]) if you are fire. We will try to confirm receipt for anyone who is concerned.

Let me put everyone’s mind at rest, we are not trying to exclude anyone. We have been advertising this action since it was filed in early February using our website, social media, and word of mouth. We want all who desire to fight for their hard earned and accrued benefits to have that opportunity, but we must have an ending point. As long as your documents are post marked by May 31, 2019, or personally delivered to any board member by June 7th, you will be included.